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How is BMI and my health related?

Body Mass Index is not a test or diagnostic for a particular condition. An abnormal BMI can, however, be a risk factor for other conditions including heart disease.

If your BMI is not normal, you should consult your physician about other steps to take to improve your overall health. Your physician may recommend changes to your diet, increased exercise, and better nutrition.

Keep in mind that BMI does not measure body fat. It is entirely possible that a bodybuilder could have the same BMI as an obese person. This is because BMI is calculated only by height and weight and doesn't take other factors into consideration.

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This BMI (Body Mass Index) calculator is for informational purposes only. You should discuss any concerns you may have about your weight, weight loss, or changes to your diet with your doctor.
Never make any changes to your diet or exercise regimen without consulting your physician. BMI calculations do not take all factors into consideration and can often be incorrect, especially for people less than five feet tall, the elderly or those with muscular builds. The BMI calculator on this page is designed for adults only and should never be used to attempt to calculate BMI for children.